For the most important and most photographed day of your life, trust the wedding professionals at Estilo Salon.
We specialize in making your wedding day the most relaxing and glamorous day of your life.


Trial Sessions

Estilo Salon recommends that any bride should schedule a trial session for their  formal bridal style and makeup at least one week prior to the wedding day.
This ensures confidence and relaxation for both the bride and the professionals at Estilo salon. Please note that trial appointments are not complimentary. The pricing on trial appointments is the same as on your wedding day, as it does require the same amount of time and service. Although, as a gift for booking your wedding party with Estilo, we offer the bride and groom 15% off all hair services 30 days prior to the wedding date. There is also special pricing the day of for you and your wedding party.


Time recommended service
One Month Prior Trial Hair & Make-up
Two Weeks Prior Hair Color and Cut
and Deep Conditioning Treatment
One Week Prior Fiance’s Haircut/Waxing
and Bride’s Waxing
Day of Bride’s Updo and Make-up
Service $
Bridal Style Starting at $70.00
Consultation, style, placement of hair pieces/flowers/veil
Formal Style Starting at $60.00
Consultation and styling that includes curling and pinning of the hair
Specialty Style Starting at $45.00
Consultation and elaborate style with the use of curling or flat iron
Wash & Style Starting at $25.00
Consultation, wash and blow dry
Makeup $35.00 – $45.00
Makeup application with the option to add eyelash enhancements
Eyelash Enhancements $20.00 – $25.00
Option of individual or band eyelashes
Makeup & Formal Style Starting at $85.00
Makeup & Bridal Style Starting at $95.00
Makeup & Specialty Style Starting at $70.00
Makeup & Wash Style Starting at $50.00

Tips From Estilo

Trial Run

Bring camera to trial run and leave hair unwashed prior to updo appointments.


Have the bridal party arrive with clean dry hair and remain together to stay on schedule.


Wear button down shirts to preserve the hairstyle during wardrobe changes.


Purchase lipstick applied and a mini control force hairspray for touchups.